Stop Borrowing Money from China to Pay for Abortions in America

Pro-Life Nation takes on Washington DC, challenging them to stop borrowing money for baby-killing

Washington, D.C. — With the recent revelation that over a half billion dollars in tax dollars is being funneled from Federal tax coffers to Planned Parenthood last year, Pro-Life Nation calls upon Congress to stop borrowing money from China to pay Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the world and received $542 million in taxpayer money last year alone. Their latest annual reports indicate that abortions done by Planned Parenthood have reached an all-time high while “well-woman” services, such as cancer screenings and contraceptive services, dramatically dropped.
“While the amount of legitimate medical services at Planned Parenthood was being slashed, Federal tax dollars – along with the number of abortions – substantially increased. In order to keep paying Planned Parenthood, the U.S. must borrow more money from China, the world’s largest human rights abuser where forced abortions and sterilizations continue unabated. This is intolerable,” said Troy Newman, President of Pro-Life Nation

Do something about it!
• Contact your Congressman and ask that the Federal Government stop borrowing money from human rights abuser such as China to fund the nation’s largest abortion supplier, Planned Parenthood.
• Support legislation in your state to defund Planned Parenthood.

One thought on “Stop Borrowing Money from China to Pay for Abortions in America

  1. we need to stop borrowing from China and elsewhere. Period. And to borrow from China to pay Planned Parenthood is totally immoral and insane. Planned Parenthood does not care at all about women and young girls….just about making big money and getting billions from us taxpayers. This is a billion $ business, and in no way should be funded at all by the government as a not for profit organization. Let’s stop this, and start protecting the unborn and their mothers, and get rid of Planned Parenthood.

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